The Criminal Defense Methodology at Garlin Driscoll, LLC

The criminal defense practice at Garlin Driscoll, LLC, is an important and integral component of the firm. Our medium-sized firm has a strong organizational infrastructure, a steady stream of legal resources, and eight (8) talented, creative, skillful and dedicated attorneys who are supported by a staff of paralegals, legal assistants, law clerks, first-rate contract private investigators, and a wide array of professional forensic and clinical experts.  The environment and professional setting at Garlin Driscoll, LLC allows for the full utilization of a team approach to its  criminal defense work.

The team approach is based on the concept that defending the criminally accused is a very serious responsibility and must  be carried out with the utmost attention and care, and that excellent representation is better ensured through collaboration, joint discussion, staff support and a sensible division of labor. This division of labor allows for work to be done in the most cost effective and efficient way possible. For example, under the supervision of the lead attorney, a law clerk can do legal research at a much lower hourly rate.  In addition, the legal assistant can gather information and handle other matters at the direction of the attorneys.  Simultaneously, our contract private investigator can conduct witness interviews and perform additional investigative tasks and then report to the attorneys.  The associate attorney will assist the lead attorney in all organizational and substantive aspects of the case, while the more experienced lead attorney will have the primary responsibility for critical front-line activities, such as communicating with the client, appearing in court, engaging the prosecution in discussion and negotiation, participating in conferences with judges and court personnel, as well as being primary counsel at pretrial hearings and at trial. 

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