Pretrial Conference

Once a Not Guilty plea has been entered, the Court will schedule a Pretrial Conference. The Pretrial Conference is the formal opportunity for accused person or his/her criminal defense attorney to meet with the prosecutor assigned to the case to discuss possible alternatives to taking the case to trial. Possible alternative range from outright dismissal of all charges, to a reduction of charges or softening of sentence in exchange for a Guilty plea to an agreed upon charge. The Pretrial Conference may be a positive step towards an imminent resolution of the charges, or time to cement one's resolve to prepare for trial.

An experienced criminal defense lawyer will methodically prepare for the Pretrial Conference through client interviews, investigation and other fact gathering, full analysis of the facts and applicable law, and the setting of appropriate goals. While the large majority of cases are resolved via plea agreements, some cases should, from the criminal defense perspective, be completely dismissed. Obtaining a voluntary dismissal from a prosecutor is not an easy task, but may be attainable in the appropriate case. Prosecutors are so accustomed to being urged to dismiss cases that they can become quite resistant to the possibility, even in the proper case. Alexander Garlin has obtained voluntary dismissals of a variety of misdemeanor and felony case through experience, hard work and dedication. Where dismissal is not a realistic goal, they focus intensely on obtaining the very best outcome for their client.

In some cases, the defense and the prosecution may not be able to reach an acceptable plea agreement. It is then of utmost importance to prepare the case for trial, and go to trial should the prosecution's position not become more favorable to the client. Alexander Garlin has tried cases before judges and juries throughout Colorado over the past three decades. An experienced trial lawyer is often in the best position to obtain the best possible result for the client, not by taking the case to trial, but because the prosecution is aware that the defense lawyer is ready and able to do so when necessary.


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