Criminal Proceedings

Criminal Police Investigation
Criminal Arrest Warrant
Criminal Arrest Post Bond
County Court Proceedings
Probable Cause
No Criminal Charges Filed
Sealing of Criminal Records
Advisement of Your Constitutional Rights No Criminal Charges Filed
Criminal Charges Filed
Criminal Felony Chagres Criminal Misdemeanor Charges
Preliminary Hearing Criminal Trial Status Conference
No Probable Cause Probable Cause
Dismissal of a Criminal Case District Court Proceedings
Sealing of Criminal Records
Pretrial Conference
Dispositional Hearing
Case Management Conference
Sealing of Criminal Records
Criminal Motions Hearing
Criminal Jury Trial Criminal Jury Trial Not Guilty
Guilty Verdict Guilty Verdict Dismissal
Sealing of Criminal Records
Appeal of Guilty Verdict
Appeal of Guilty Verdict
Sealing of Criminal Records
Criminal Sentencing
Straight Incarceration Restitution Surcharges
Jail Alternatives Programs Fines
Probation Community Service Colorado Court Costs


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