Alexander Garlin

Alexander Garlin has been defending adults and minors charged with felony and misdemeanor criminal offenses for more than 30 years.  Before starting his private practice in 1983, Mr. Garlin managed a regional Colorado Public Defender’s Office that served four Colorado counties.  Mr. Garlin has earned the highest peer review rating (AV) for legal ability and general ethical standards.

Mr. Garlin combines experience, compassion, and zeal with professionalism to obtain the best possible results for his clients.  He defends clients in Boulder County, the greater Denver Metro area, and throughout the state of Colorado against all manner of criminal charges, with an emphasis on serious felony accusations.  Examples of past cases include:

First Degree Murder

  • Mr. Garlin was part of a criminal defense team that obtained a Not Guilty verdict after a two-week jury trial in a Denver County case in which a young woman was accused of First Degree Murder in the stabbing death of another woman.  If convicted, the client would have faced life in prison without the possibility of parole.
  • In the First Degree Murder trial of a grandmother who shot and killed her husband with a .22 caliber rifle, Mr. Garlin obtained a reduced verdict of Manslaughter from a Jefferson County jury.  The client served less than one year of prison time. 
  • Mr. Garlin was part of a criminal defense team that obtained a voluntary dismissal in a Jefferson County First Degree Murder case.  The defense team undertook a comprehensive review of the police evidence and convinced the prosecution prior to trial that based on the evidence, the accused could not have been at the scene at the time the crime occurred. 

Domestic Violence

  • Mr. Garlin obtained a voluntarily dismissal in a Broomfield County case for a client charged with Harassment and Violation of a Restraining Order, despite repeated allegations of criminal conduct by the alleged victim (the client’s ex-wife).  After an intensive defense investigation and extensive negotiations with the prosecution, Mr. Garlin was able to discredit the ex-wife’s claims.  If convicted, the client would have faced a lengthy county jail sentence.  Mr. Garlin also obtained the dismissal of a related probation violation complaint. 
  • In a case where his client was accused by the children of the client’s former significant other of having committed a number of serious criminal offenses, Mr. Garlin obtained a voluntary dismissal of additional pending charges and persuaded the prosecution not to file other charges that were under consideration.  A comprehensive defense investigation that covered more than twenty years of the accusers’ histories was critical in convincing the prosecution that the children’s allegations were made falsely and with the encouragement of their mother.  As a result, the client did not have any permanent criminal convictions and became eligible to seal the record of the previous proceedings.    

Driving Under the Influence

  • At a hearing for a Motion to Suppress in a DUI (Driving Under the Influence) case, Mr. Garlin won a suppression order after persuading the judge that his client was coerced into providing evidence to the investigating police officer.  Because the ruling excluded most of the prosecution’s evidence from presentation at trial, the prosecution dismissed the case in its entirety.
  • Mr. Garlin has obtained a number of Not Guilty jury verdicts in  DUI (Driving Under the Influence), DUI-D (Driving Under the Influence of Drugs), and DWAI  (Driving While Ability Impaired) cases where the evidence ranged from poor driving, odor of alcoholic beverages, bloodshot and watery eyes, slurred speech, failure of roadside sobriety tests, and breath or blood tests above the legal limit.

Child Abuse

  • Mr. Garlin obtained a Not Guilty verdict from a Jefferson County jury in a case where a father was accused of Child Abuse for causing the death of his beloved infant child. The outcome turned, in large part, on the defense’s cross-examination of the prosecution's star witness, a nationally renowned physician specializing in determining acts of child abuse.

Aggravated (Armed) Robbery

  • Mr. Garlin obtained a Not Guilty verdict from a Jefferson County jury in a case where a man had been "positively identified" as having committed an armed robbery by three supermarket employees. The testimony of these witnesses unraveled under Mr. Garlin’s cross-examination, and the defendant was ultimately acquitted.

Careless Driving Resulting in Death

  • Mr. Garlin obtained a Not Guilty verdict from a Boulder County jury in a case where his client was charged with Careless Driving Resulting in Death.  The client lost control of his truck during a downpour and collided with a vehicle in an on-coming lane, killing a child in that car.  During this emotionally charged trial, Mr. Garlin focused the jurors on the prosecution’s failure to prove that his client had acted negligently when he lost control of his truck.   

Vehicular Homicide

  • Mr. Garlin obtained a voluntary dismissal in an Arapahoe County case where his client was charged with Vehicular Homicide for causing the death of her sister, a passenger in her automobile.  Mr. Garlin’s client was allegedly involved in a road-rage incident with another driver.  The prosecution ultimately agreed with Mr. Garlin that his client was being pursued and menaced by another driver, and that the other driver’s reckless conduct caused the collision and the death of his client’s sister.  Charges were dismissed against his client, and the other driver was prosecuted and convicted for his role in the fatal collision.

Sexual Assault on a Child

  • Mr. Garlin obtained a Not Guilty verdict from a Boulder County jury in a case where his client was charged with Sexual Assault on a Child.  His client allegedly, on different occasions, sexually assaulted two sisters who were his nieces.   After successfully arguing that separate trials for each victim was appropriate, the defense presented strong evidence that the mother of the two accusers—the client’s sister-in-law—had long held a deep grudge against him and knew that the accusations were lies.  Once the first of the two scheduled trials resulted in an acquittal, the prosecution voluntarily dismissed the charges involving the other niece.  The exonerated client was permitted to return to his family home for the first time since being wrongfully accused, and was reunited with his wife and young son.   

Professional Activities

Mr. Garlin was the president of the Boulder County Bar Association (BCBA) for the 2000-2001 term.  He has also co-chaired the Medical-Legal and Criminal Law sections of the BCBA, and has been one of its delegates to the Board of Governors for the Colorado Bar Association since 2005.  While president of the BCBA, Mr. Garlin helped launch the Legal Advice Clinic for the Homeless, a program he continues to coordinate to this day. 

Mr. Garlin has been a board member of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar since 2002, and chairs its Membership Committee.  He is also co-chair of the Boulder Chapter of the Colorado Criminal Defense Bar.    Mr. Garlin was a board member of the Colorado Trial Lawyers Association as well, chairing its Membership and Annual Convention Committees. 

Mr. Garlin was a member of the 20th Judicial District’s Access to Justice Committee established by Presiding Judge Roxanne Bailin to safeguard against disadvantages that non-English speaking defendants might otherwise face as a result of language or cultural barriers.

Bar and Court Admissions

Mr. Garlin has been admitted to practice in the Courts of the State of Colorado, and the U.S. District Court, District of Colorado. 


J.D., University of Colorado at Boulder, 1976.

B.A., State University of New York at Stony Brook, 1973.



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