Misdemeanor & Felony Stalking

Even though stalking is part of the harassment statute, it is a separate and distinct crime and is more serious.  While all forms of harassment are misdemeanors, a first conviction for stalking is a Class 5 felony, and a subsequent conviction is a Class 4 felony. 

Most people have a general sense of what it means to stalk another person, but the Colorado prohibition against stalking is a more specifically defined and technically descriptive of the acts that are specifically prohibited.  Per the statute, there are three forms of stalking.  The first involves the combination of credible threat and acts such as following. The second involves a credible threat combined with any form of repeated communications, and the third does not require a credible threat, but rather repeated acts such as following or communications resulting in serious emotional distress.  In all instances, the acts may be directed toward the alleged victim or third parties who have specific associations with the victim. An act is “repeated” if it occurs more than once. 

Click below to read the official Colorado statutory definition for this offense:

Harassment - stalking (18-9-111)

Stalking is an extraordinary risk crime that is subject to the modified presumptive sentencing range specified in 18-1.3-401 (10)

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