Juvenile Charges

Any person who is under the age of eighteen, a juvenile, can be charged with almost every criminal offense found in the Colorado criminal statutes. The primary differences between prosecutions involving adults and juveniles are that in cases involving juveniles, findings of guilt are called adjudications rather than convictions, and that rather than punishment, the emphasis is on the best interests of the juvenile. Juvenile cases are generally handled by special courts, and the resources and facilities available in the juvenile court system are quite different from those in the adult criminal court system.

Criminal Defense Attorney Alexander Garlin has experience in representing young people facing charges in the juvenile court system. Whether you contact Garlin Driscoll, LLC, or other qualified attorneys, we recommend that you do so without delay so that you can better understand your circumstances, and thereby promote informed decision making that could significantly improve the ultimate outcome of your case.

The criminal defense attorneys at Garlin Driscoll, LLC, welcome your inquiry and do not charge for initial telephone, e-mail and/or office consultations.




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